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he answered, entering his wife's room fully dressed. "Yes, on my word,it is cold enough to freeze you solid. We shall have a fine breakfast,wife. Des Grassins has sent me a pate-de-foie-gras truffled! I amgoing now to get it at the coach-office. There'll be a double napoleonfor Eugenie in the package," he whispered in Madame Grandet's ear. "Ihave no gold left, wife. I had a few stray pieces,I don't mindtelling you that,but I had to let them go in business."

Then, by way of celebrating the new year, he kissed her on theforehead. human hair wigs virginia beach

"Eugenie," cried the mother, when Grandet was fairly gone, "I don'tknow which side of the bed your father got out of, but he is good-tempered this morning. Perhaps we shall come out safe after all?""What's happened to the master?" said Nanon, entering her mistress'sroom to light the fire. "First place, he said, 'Good-morning; happyNew Year, you big fool! Go and light my wife's fire, she's cold'; andthen, didn't I feel silly when he held out his hand and gave me a six-franc piece, which isn't worn one bit? Just look at it, madame! Oh,the kind man! He is a good man, that's a fact. There are some peoplewho the older they get the harder they grow; but he,,why he's gettingsoft and improving with time, like your ratafia! He is a good, goodman,"

The secret of Grandet's joy lay in the complete success of hisspeculation. Monsieur des Grassins, after deducting the amount whichthe old cooper owed him for the discount on a hundred and fiftythousand francs in Dutch notes, and for the surplus which he hadadvanced to make up the sum required for the investment in the Fundswhich was to produce a hundred thousand francs a year, had now senthim, by the diligence, thirty thousand francs in silver coin, theremainder of his first half-year's interest, informing him at the sametime that the Funds had already gone up in value. They were thenquoted at eighty-nine; the shrewdest capitalists bought in, towardsthe last of January, at ninety-three. Grandet had thus gained in twomonths twelve per cent on his capital; he had simplified his accounts,and would in future receive fifty thousand francs interest every sixmonths, without incurring any taxes or costs for repairs. Heunderstood at last what it was to invest money in the publicsecurities,,a system for which provincials have always shown a markedrepugnance,,and at the end of five years he found himself master of acapital of six millions, which increased without much effort of hisown, and which, joined to the value and proceeds of his territorialpossessions, gave him a fortune that was absolutely colossal. The sixfrancs bestowed on Nanon were perhaps the reward of some great servicewhich the poor servant had rendered to her master unawares."Oh! oh! where's Pere Grandet going? He has been scurrying about sincesunrise as if to a fire," said the tradespeople to each other as theyopened their shops for the day.

When they saw him coming back from the wharf, followed by a porterfrom the coach-office wheeling a barrow which was laden with sacks,they all had their comments to make:,

"Water flows to the river; the old fellow was running after his gold,"said one.

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