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"I know him," said Nekhludoff, and got up to go. At this moment ahorribly ugly, little, bony, snub-nosed, yellow-faced woman flewinto the room. It was the advocate's wife, who did not seem to bein the least bit troubled by her ugliness. She was attired in themost original manner; she seemed enveloped in something made ofvelvet and silk, something yellow and green, and her thin hairwas crimped.

She stepped out triumphantly into the ante-room, followed by atall, smiling man, with a greenish complexion, dressed in a coatwith silk facings, and a white tie. This was an author.Nekhludoff knew him by sight.

She opened the cabinet door and said, "Anatole, you must come tome. Here is Simeon Ivanovitch, who will read his poems, and youmust absolutely come and read about Garshin." can u curl human hair wigs

Nekhludoff noticed that she whisperhuman hair wigs that look real

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