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Nekhludoff stated what had happened.

"All right. I shall look the case through to-morrow or the dayafter,no,better on Thursday. If you will come to me at sixo'clock I will give you an answer. Well, and now let us go; Ihave to make a few inquiries here."

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Nekhludoff took leave of him and went out. This talk with theadvocate, and the fact that he had taken measures for Maslova'sdefence, quieted him still further. He went out into the street.The weather was beautiful, and he joyfully drew in a long breathof spring air. He was at once surrounded by isvostchiks offeringtheir services, but he went on foot. A whole swarm of picturesand memories of Katusha and his conduct to her began whirling inhis brain, and he felt depressed and everything appeared gloomy."No, I shall consider all this later on; I must now get rid ofall these disagreeable impressions," he thought to himself. human hair wigs top pieces

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He remembered the Korchagin's dinner and looked at his watch. Itwas not yet too late to get there in time. He heard the ring of apassing tramcar, ran to catch it, and jumped on. He jumped offagain when they got to the market-place, took a good isvostchik,and ten minutes later was at the entrance of the Korchagins' bighouse.


THE HOUSE OF KORCHAGIN. human hair wigs store

"Please to walk in, your excellency," said the friendly, fatdoorkeeper of the Korchagins' big house, opening the door, whichmoved noiselessly on its patent English hinges; "you areexpected. They are at dinner. My orders were to admit only you."The doorkeeper went as far as the staircase and rang.

"Are there any strangers?" asked Nekhludoff, taking off hisovercoat.

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