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After dinner he at once went into his bedroom and for a long timewalked up and down in great excitement, listening to every soundin the house and expecting to hear her steps. The animal maninside him had now not only lifted its head, but had succeeded intrampling under foot the spiritual man of the days of his firstvisit, and even of that every morning. That dreadful animal manalone now ruled over him.

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Though he was watching for her all day he could not manage tomeet her alone. She was probably trying to evade him. In theevening, however, she was obliged to go into the room next tohis. The doctor had been asked to stay the night, and she had tomake his bed. When he heard her go in Nekhludoff followed her,treading softly and holding his breath as if he were going tocommit a crime.

She was putting a clean pillow-case on the pillow, holding it bytwo of its corners with her arms inside the pillow-case. Sheturned round and smiled, not a happy, joyful smile as before, butin a frightened, piteous way. The smile seemed to tell him thatwhat he was doing was wrong. He stopped for a moment. There wasstill the possibility of a struggle. The voice of his real lovefor her, though feebly, was still speaking of her, her feelings,her life. Another voice was saying, "Take care I don't let theopportunity for your own happiness, your own enjoyment, slip by!"And this second voice completely stifled the first. He went up toher with determination and a terrible, ungovernable animalpassion took possession of him.

With his arm round he made her sit down on the bed; and feelingthat there was something more to be done he sat down beside her.

"Dmitri Ivanovitch, dear! please let me go," she said, with apiteous voice. "Matrona Pavlovna is coming," she cried, tearingherself away. Some one was really coming to the door. human hair wigs tyler tx

"Well, then, I'll come to you in the night," he whispered."You'll be alone?"

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