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MASLOVA'S EARLY LIFE. human hair wigs store

The story of the prisoner Maslova's life was a very common one.

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Maslova's mother was the unmarried daughter of a village woman,employed on a dairy farm, which belonged to two maiden ladies whowere landowners. This unmarried woman had a baby every year, and,as often happens among the village people, each one of theseundesired babies, after it had been carefully baptised, wasneglected by its mother, whom it hindered at her work, and leftto starve. Five children had died in this way. They had all beenbaptised and then not sufficiently fed, and just left to die.The sixth baby, whose father was a gipsy tramp, would have sharedthe same fate, had it not so happened that one of the maidenladies came into the farmyard to scold the dairymaids for sendingup cream that smelt of the cow. The young woman was lying in thecowshed with a fine, healthy, new-born baby. The old maiden ladyscolded the maids again for allowing the woman (who had just beenconfined) to lie in the cowshed, and was about to go away, butseeing the baby her heart was touched, and she offered to standgodmother to the little girl, and pity for her littlegod-daughter induced her to give milk and a little money to themother, so that she should feed the baby; and the little girllived. The old ladies spoke of her as "the saved one." When thechild was three years old, her mother fell ill and died, and themaiden ladies took the child from her old grandmother, to whomshe was nothing but a burden. human hair wigs short

The little black-eyed maiden grew to be extremely pretty, and sofull of spirits that the ladies found her very entertaining. human hair wigs that look natural

The younger of the ladies, Sophia Ivanovna, who had stoodgodmother to the girl, had the kinder heart of the two sisters;Maria Ivanovna, the elder, was rather hard. Sophia Ivanovnadressed the little girl in nice clothes, and taught her to readand write, meaning to educate her like a lady. Maria Ivanovnathought the child should be brought up to work, and trained herto be a good servant. She was exacting; she punished, and, whenin a bad temper, even struck the little girl. Growing up underthese two different influences, the girl turned out half servant,half young lady. They called her Katusha, which sounds lessrefined than Katinka, but is not quite so common as Katka. Sheused to sew, tidy up the rooms, polish the metal cases of theicons and do other light work, and sometimes she sat and read tothe ladies.

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Though she had more than one offer, she would not marry. She feltthat life as the wife of any of the working men who were courtingher would be too hard; spoilt as she was by a life of case.

She lived in this manner till she was sixteen, when the nephew ofthe old ladies, a rich young prince, and a university student,came to stay with his aunts, and Katusha, not daring toacknowledge it even to herself, fell in love with him.

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