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Dumbfounded by his daughter's logic, Grandet turned pale and stampedand swore. When at last he found words, he cried: "Serpent! Cursedgirl! Ah, deceitful creature! You know I love you, and you takeadvantage of it. She'd cut her father's throat! Good God! you've givenour fortune to that ne'er-do-well,,that dandy with morocco boots! Bythe shears of my father! I can't disinherit you, but I curse you,,youand your cousin and your children! Nothing good will come of it! Doyou hear? If it was to Charles,but, no; it's impossible. What! hasthat wretched fellow robbed me?,"

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He looked at his daughter, who continued cold and silent."She won't stir; she won't flinch! She's more Grandet than I'mGrandet! Ha! you have not given your gold for nothing? Come, speak thetruth!" human hair wigs store

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Eugenie looked at her father with a sarcastic expression that stunghim.

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"Eugenie, you are here, in my house,,in your father's house. If youwish to stay here, you must submit yourself to me. The priests tellyou to obey me." Eugenie bowed her head. "You affront me in all I holdmost dear. I will not see you again until you submit. Go to yourchamber. You will stay there till I give you permission to leave it.Nanon will bring you bread and water. You hear me,go!"

Eugenie burst into tears and fled up to her mother. Grandet, aftermarching two or three times round the garden in the snow withoutheeding the cold, suddenly suspected that his daughter had gone to hermother; only too happy to find her disobedient to his orders, heclimbed the stairs with the agility of a cat and appeared in MadameGrandet's room just as she was stroking Eugenie's hair, while thegirl's face was hidden in her motherly bosom.

"Be comforted, my poor child," she was saying; "your father will getover it."

"She has no father!" said the old man. "Can it be you and I, MadameGrandet, who have given birth to such a disobedient child? A fineeducation,,religious, too! Well! why are you not in your chamber?Come, to prison, to prison, mademoiselle!"

"Would you deprive me of my daughter, monsieur?" said Madame Grandet,turning towards him a face that was now red with fever.

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