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"Tell him he is not in and won't be to-day; he is out visiting.What do they come bothering for?" came the sound of a woman'svoice from behind the door, and again the rhapsody rattled on andstopped, and the sound of a chair pushed back was heard. It wasplain the irritated pianist meant to rebuke the tiresome visitor,who had come at an untimely hour. "Papa is not in," a pale girlwith crimped hair said, crossly, coming out into the ante-room,but, seeing a young man in a good coat, she softened. human hair wigs sallys

"Come in, please. . . . What is it you want?" human hair wigs for drag queens

"I want to see a prisoner in this prison."

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"A political one, I suppose?" human hair wigs revlon

"No, not a political one. I have a permission from theProcureur." human hair wigs short styles

"Well, I don't know, and papa is out; but come in, please," shesaid, again, "or else speak to the assistant. He is in the officeat present; apply there. What is your name?"

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