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Both fell asleep in the same dream; and from that moment the youthbegan to wear roses with his mourning. The next day, before breakfast,Madame Grandet found her daughter in the garden in company withCharles. The young man was still sad, as became a poor fellow who,plunged in misfortune, measures the depths of the abyss into which hehas fallen, and sees the terrible burden of his whole future life."My father will not be home till dinner-time," said Eugenie,perceiving the anxious look on her mother's face. human hair wigs quick delivery

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It was easy to trace in the face and manners of the young girl and inthe singular sweetness of her voice a unison of thought between herand her cousin. Their souls had espoused each other, perhaps beforethey even felt the force of the feelings which bound them together.Charles spent the morning in the hall, and his sadness was respected.Each of the three women had occupations of her own. Grandet had leftall his affairs unattended to, and a number of persons came onbusiness,,the plumber, the mason, the slater, the carpenter, thediggers, the dressers, the farmers; some to drive a bargain aboutrepairs, others to pay their rent or to be paid themselves forservices. Madame Grandet and Eugenie were obliged to go and come andlisten to the interminable talk of all these workmen and country folk.Nanon put away in her kitchen the produce which they brought astribute. She always waited for her master's orders before she knewwhat portion was to be used in the house and what was to be sold inthe market. It was the goodman's custom, like that of a great manycountry gentlemen, to drink his bad wine and eat his spoiled fruit.Towards five in the afternoon Grandet returned from Angers, havingmade fourteen thousand francs by the exchange on his gold, bringinghome in his wallet good treasury-notes which bore interest until theday he should invest them in the Funds. He had left Cornoiller atAngers to look after the horses, which were well-nigh foundered, withorders to bring them home slowly after they were rested.

"I have got back from Angers, wife," he said; "I am hungry."Nanon called out to him from the kitchen: "Haven't you eaten anythingsince yesterday?"

"Nothing," answered the old man. human hair wigs phoenix

Nanon brought in the soup. Des Grassins came to take his client'sorders just as the family sat down to dinner. Grandet had not evenobserved his nephew. human hair wigs qatar

"Go on eating, Grandet," said the banker; "we can talk. Do you knowwhat gold is worth in Angers? They have come from Nantes after it? Ishall send some of ours." human hair wigs short

"Don't send any," said Grandet; "they have got enough. We are such oldfriends, I ought to save you from such a loss of time."

"But gold is worth thirteen francs fifty centimes."

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