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"Mamma, I am suffocating!" cried Eugenie when she was alone with hermother; "I have never suffered like this."

Madame Grandet, seeing that she turned pale, opened the window and lether breathe fresh air. human hair wigs pixie cut

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"I feel better!" said Eugenie after a moment.

This nervous excitement in a nature hitherto, to all appearance, calmand cold, reacted on Madame Grandet; she looked at her daughter withthe sympathetic intuition with which mothers are gifted for theobjects of their tenderness, and guessed all. In truth the life of theHungarian sisters, bound together by a freak of nature, could scarcelyhave been more intimate than that of Eugenie and her mother,,alwaystogether in the embrasure of that window, and sleeping together in thesame atmosphere. human hair wigs pittsburgh pa

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