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The president paused until the prisoners had taken their seats,and when Maslova was seated, turned to the secretary.

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Then the usual procedure commenced; the counting of the jury,remarks about those who had not come, the fixing of the fines tobe exacted from them, the decisions concerning those who claimedexemption, the appointing of reserve jurymen. human hair wigs qvc

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Having folded up some bits of paper and put them in one of theglass vases, the president turned up the gold-embroidered cuffsof his uniform a little way, and began drawing the lots, one byone, and opening them. Nekhludoff was among the jurymen thusdrawn. Then, having let down his sleeves, the president requestedthe priest to swear in the jury.

The old priest, with his puffy, red face, his brown gown, and hisgold cross and little order, laboriously moving his stiff legs,came up to the lectern beneath the icon. disadvantages of human hair wigs include

The jurymen got up, and crowded towards the lectern.

"Come up, please," said the priest, pulling at the cross on hisbreast with his plump hand, and waiting till all the jury haddrawn near. When they had all come up the steps of the platform,the priest passed his bald, grey head sideways through the greasyopening of the stole, and, having rearranged his thin hair, heagain turned to the jury. "Now, raise your right arms in thisway, and put your fingers together, thus," he said, with histremulous old voice, lifting his fat, dimpled hand, and puttingthe thumb and two first fingers together, as if taking a pinch ofsomething. "Now, repeat after me, 'I promise and swear, by theAlmighty God, by His holy gospels, and by the life-giving crossof our Lord, that in this work which,'" he said, pausing betweeneach sentence,"don't let your arm down; hold it like this," heremarked to a young man who had lowered his arm,"'that in thiswork which . . . '"

The dignified man with the whiskers, the colonel, the merchant,and several more held their arms and fingers as the priestrequired of them, very high, very exactly, as if they liked doingit; others did it unwillingly and carelessly. Some repeated thewords too loudly, and with a defiant tone, as if they meant tosay, "In spite of all, I will and shall speak." Others whisperedvery low, and not fast enough, and then, as if frightened,hurried to catch up the priest. Some kept their fingers tightlytogether, as if fearing to drop the pinch of invisible somethingthey held; others kept separating and folding theirs. Every onesave the old priest felt awkward, but he was sure he wasfulfilling a very useful and important duty. human hair wigs queens ny

After the swearing in, the president requested the jury to choosea foreman, and the jury, thronging to the door, passed out intothe debating-room, where almost all of them at once began tosmoke cigarettes. Some one proposed the dignified man as foreman,and he was unanimously accepted. Then the jurymen put out theircigarettes and threw them away and returned to the court. Thedignified man informed the president that he was chosen foreman,and all sat down again on the high-backed chairs.

Everything went smoothly, quickly, and not without a certainsolemnity. And this exactitude, order, and solemnity evidentlypleased those who took part in it: it strengthened the impressionthat they were fulfilling a serious and valuable public duty.Nekhludoff, too, felt this.

As soon as the jurymen were seated, the president made a speechon their rights, obligations, and responsibilities. Whilespeaking he kept changing his position; now leaning on his right,now on his left hand, now against the back, then on the arms ofhis chair, now putting the papers straight, now handling hispencil and paper-knife.

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