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"You gave him all!" cried the poor mother, terrified. "What will yousay to your father on New Year's Day when he asks to see your gold?"Eugenie's eyes grew fixed, and the two women lived through mortalterror for more than half the morning. They were so troubled in mindthat they missed high Mass, and only went to the military service. Inthree days the year 1819 would come to an end. In three days aterrible drama would begin, a bourgeois tragedy, without poison, ordagger, or the spilling of blood; but,as regards the actors in it,more cruel than all the fabled horrors in the family of the Atrides."What will become of us?" said Madame Grandet to her daughter, lettingher knitting fall upon her knees. natural hair wigs


The poor mother had gone through such anxiety for the past two monthsthat the woollen sleeves which she needed for the coming winter werenot yet finished. This domestic fact, insignificant as it seems, boresad results. For want of those sleeves, a chill seized her in themidst of a sweat caused by a terrible explosion of anger on the partof her husband.

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"I have been thinking, my poor child, that if you had confided yoursecret to me we should have had time to write to Monsieur des Grassinsin Paris. He might have sent us gold pieces like yours; though Grandetknows them all, perhaps,"


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