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The goodman did not stammer over the last words. wig types uk

"Eh!" cried Madame des Grassins, "why it is a pleasure to go to Paris.I would willingly pay to go myself." wigtypes shipping time

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She made a sign to her husband, as if to encourage him in cutting theenemy out of the commission, /coute que coute/; then she glancedironically at the two Cruchots, who looked chap-fallen. Grandet seizedthe banker by a button and drew him into a corner of the room."I have a great deal more confidence in you than in the president," hesaid; "besides, I've other fish to fry," he added, wriggling his wen."I want to buy a few thousand francs in the Funds while they are ateighty. They fall, I'm told, at the end of each month. You know allabout these things, don't you?" wigtypes shipping reviews

"Bless me! then, am I to invest enough to give you a few thousandfrancs a year?"

"That's not much to begin with. Hush! I don't want any one to know Iam going to play that game. You can make the investment by the end ofthe month. Say nothing to the Cruchots; that'll annoy them. If you arereally going to Paris, we will see if there is anything to be done formy poor nephew."

"Well, it's all settled. I'll start to-morrow by the mail-post," saiddes Grassins aloud, "and I will come and take your last directions at,what hour will suit you?"

"Five o'clock, just before dinner," said Grandet, rubbing his hands.The two parties stayed on for a short time. Des Grassins said, after apause, striking Grandet on the shoulder,,

"It is a good thing to have a relation like him."

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