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"Allowing that money, according to Bentham, is an article ofmerchandise, and that whatever represents money is equallymerchandise," resumed the president; "allowing also that it isnotorious that the commercial note, bearing this or that signature, isliable to the fluctuation of all commercial values, rises or falls inthe market, is dear at one moment, and is worth nothing at another,the courts decide,ah! how stupid I am, I beg your pardon,I aminclined to think you could buy up your brother's debts for twenty-five per cent." 70's wig and mustache

"D-d-did you c-c-call him Je-Je-Jeremy B-Ben?"

"Bentham, an Englishman.' wig 8yl

"That's a Jeremy who might save us a lot of lamentations in business,"said the notary, laughing.

"Those Englishmen s-sometimes t-t-talk sense," said Grandet. "So,ac-c-cording to Ben-Bentham, if my b-b-brother's n-notes are worthn-n-nothing; if Je-Je,I'm c-c-correct, am I not? That seems c-c-clearto my m-m-mind,the c-c-creditors would be,No, would not be; Iunderstand." wig 80cm

"Let me explain it all," said the president. "Legally, if you acquirea title to all the debts of the Maison Grandet, your brother or hisheirs will owe nothing to any one. Very good."

"Very g-good," repeated Grandet. wig 8dn

"In equity, if your brother's notes are negotiated,negotiated, do youclearly understand the term?,negotiated in the market at a reductionof so much per cent in value, and if one of your friends happening tobe present should buy them in, the creditors having sold them of theirown free-will without constraint, the estate of the late Grandet ishonorably released."

"That's t-true; b-b-business is b-business," said the cooper."B-b-but, st-still, you know, it is d-d-difficult. I h-have n-nom-m-money and n-no t-t-time."

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"Yes, but you need not undertake it. I am quite ready to go to Paris(you may pay my expenses, they will only be a trifle). I will see thecreditors and talk with them and get an extension of time, andeverything can be arranged if you will add something to the assets soas to buy up all title to the debts."

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