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"Dying, I tell you; what more do you want?" some one else wasscreaming at his other side. Maslova could not hear whatNekhludoff was saying, but the expression of his face as he wasspeaking reminded her of him. She did not believe her own eyes;still the smile vanished from her face and a deep line ofsuffering appeared on her brow.

"I cannot hear what you are saying," she called out, wrinklingher brow and frowning more and more.

"I have come," said Nekhludoff. "Yes, I am doing my duty,I amconfessing," thought Nekhludoff; and at this thought the tearscame in his eyes, and he felt a choking sensation in his throat,and holding on with both hands to the net, he made efforts tokeep from bursting into tears. t wigley inc detroit mi

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"I say, why do you shove yourself in where you're not wanted?"some one shouted at one side of him.

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"God is my witness; I know nothing," screamed a prisoner from theother side.

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