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As soon as the jurymen were seated, the president made a speechon their rights, obligations, and responsibilities. Whilespeaking he kept changing his position; now leaning on his right,now on his left hand, now against the back, then on the arms ofhis chair, now putting the papers straight, now handling hispencil and paper-knife.

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According to his words, they had the right of interrogating theprisoners through the president, to use paper and pencils, and toexamine the articles put in as evidence. Their duty was to judgenot falsely, but justly. Their responsibility meant that if thesecrecy of their discussion were violated, or communications wereestablished with outsiders, they would be liable to punishment.Every one listened with an expression of respectful attention.The merchant, diffusing a smell of brandy around him, andrestraining loud hiccups, approvingly nodded his head at everysentence. r/wigglegrams

CHAPTER IX. wig too small


When he had finished his speech, the president turned to the maleprisoner.

"Simeon Kartinkin, rise."

Simeon jumped up, his lips continuing to move nervously andinaudibly.

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