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"Paris,from him,he has returned!"

Eugenie turned pale and held the letter for a moment. She trembled soviolently that she could not break the seal. La Grande Nanon stoodbefore her, both hands on her hips, her joy puffing as it were likesmoke through the cracks of her brown face. wigtypes free shipping code

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"Read it, mademoiselle!" wig types helen

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"Ah, Nanon, why did he return to Paris? He went from Saumur.""Read it, and you'll find out."

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Eugenie opened the letter with trembling fingers. A cheque on thehouse of "Madame des Grassins and Coret, of Saumur," fluttered down.Nanon picked it up.

My dear Cousin,,

"No longer 'Eugenie,'" she thought, and her heart quailed.


"He once said 'thou.'" She folded her arms and dared not read anotherword; great tears gathered in her eyes.

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