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He knew in the depths of his soul that he ought to go away, thatthere was no real reason for staying on with his aunts, knew thatno good could come of it; and yet it was so pleasant, sodelightful, that he did not honestly acknowledge the facts tohimself and stayed on. On Easter eve, the priest and the deaconwho came to the house to say mass had had (so they said) thegreatest difficulty in getting over the three miles that laybetween the church and the old ladies' house, coming across thepuddles and the bare earth in a sledge. wig no background

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Nekhludoff attended the mass with his aunts and the servants, andkept looking at Katusha, who was near the door and brought in thecensers for the priests. Then having given the priests and hisaunts the Easter kiss, though it was not midnight and thereforenot Easter yet, he was already going to bed when he heard the oldservant Matrona Pavlovna preparing to go to the church to get thekoulitch and paski [Easter cakes] blest after the midnightservice. "I shall go too," he thought. m. wigger

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The road to the church was impassable either in a sledge or onwheels, so Nekhludoff, who behaved in his aunts' house just as hedid at home, ordered the old horse, "the brother's horse," to besaddled, and instead of going to bed he put on his gay uniform, apair of tight-fitting riding breeches and his overcoat, and goton the old over-fed and heavy horse, which neighed continuallyall the way as he rode in the dark through the puddles and snowto the church. wig natural hair



For Nekhludoff this early mass remained for ever after one of thebrightest and most vivid memories of his life. When he rode outof the darkness, broken only here and there by patches of whitesnow, into the churchyard illuminated by a row of lamps aroundthe church, the service had already begun.

The peasants, recognising Mary Ivanovna's nephew, led his horse,which was pricking up its cars at the sight of the lights, to adry place where he could get off, put it up for him, and showedhim into the church, which was full of people. On the right stoodthe peasants; the old men in home-spun coats, and clean whitelinen bands [long strips of linen are worn by the peasants insteadof stockings] wrapped round their legs, the young men in newcloth coats, bright-coloured belts round their waists, andtop-boots.

On the left stood the women, with red silk kerchiefs on theirheads, black velveteen sleeveless jackets, bright redshirt-sleeves, gay-coloured green, blue, and red skirts, andthick leather boots. The old women, dressed more quietly, stoodbehind them, with white kerchiefs, homespun coats, old-fashionedskirts of dark home-spun material, and shoes on their feet.Gaily-dressed children, their hair well oiled, went in and outamong them.

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