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"Then lend a hand! go to work!" he cried, piling the sacks upon her.In a few moments all were carried up to his inner room, where he shuthimself in with them. "When breakfast is ready, knock on the wall," hesaid as he disappeared. "Take the barrow back to the coach-office."The family did not breakfast that day until ten o'clock.

"Your father will not ask to see your gold downstairs," said MadameGrandet as they got back from Mass. "You must pretend to be verychilly. We may have time to replace the treasure before your fete-day." wig types half wigs

Grandet came down the staircase thinking of his splendid speculationin government securities, and wondering how he could metamorphose hisParisian silver into solid gold; he was making up his mind to investin this way everything he could lay hands on until the Funds shouldreach a par value. Fatal reverie for Eugenie! As soon as he came in,the two women wished him a happy New Year,,his daughter by puttingher arms round his neck and caressing him; Madame Grandet gravely andwith dignity.

"Ha! ha! my child," he said, kissing his daughter on both cheeks. "Iwork for you, don't you see? I think of your happiness. Must havemoney to be happy. Without money there's not a particle of happiness.Here! there's a new napoleon for you. I sent to Paris for it. On myword of honor, it's all the gold I have; you are the only one that hasgot any gold. I want to see your gold, little one."

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"Oh! it is too cold; let us have breakfast," answered Eugenie."Well, after breakfast, then; it will help the digestion. That fatdes Grassins sent me the pate. Eat as much as you like, my children,it costs nothing. Des Grassins is getting along very well. I amsatisfied with him. The old fish is doing Charles a good service, andgratis too. He is making a very good settlement of that poor deceasedGrandet's business. Hoo! hoo!" he muttered, with his mouth full, aftera pause, "how good it is! Eat some, wife; that will feed you for atleast two days."

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