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"Are your vintages all finished?" said Monsieur de Bonfons to Grandet."Yes, all of them," said the old man, rising to walk up and down theroom, his chest swelling with pride as he said the words, "all ofthem." Through the door of the passage which led to the kitchen he sawla Grande Nanon sitting beside her fire with a candle and preparing tospin there, so as not to intrude among the guests. h wightman son ltd bungay

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"Nanon," he said, going into the passage, "put out that fire and thatcandle, and come and sit with us. Pardieu! the hall is big enough forall." wig in a box

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"But monsieur, you are to have the great people."

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"Are not you as good as they? They are descended from Adam, and so areyou."

Grandet came back to the president and said,,

"Have you sold your vintage?"

"No, not I; I shall keep it. If the wine is good this year, it will bebetter two years hence. The proprietors, you know, have made anagreement to keep up the price; and this year the Belgians won't getthe better of us. Suppose they are sent off empty-handed for once,faith! they'll come back."

"Yes, but let us mind what we are about," said Grandet in a tone whichmade the president tremble.

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