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With his arm round he made her sit down on the bed; and feelingthat there was something more to be done he sat down beside her. i wiggle my fingers

"Dmitri Ivanovitch, dear! please let me go," she said, with apiteous voice. "Matrona Pavlovna is coming," she cried, tearingherself away. Some one was really coming to the door.

"Well, then, I'll come to you in the night," he whispered."You'll be alone?" wigmore h

"What are you thinking of? On no account. No, no!" she said, butonly with her lips; the tremulous confusion of her whole beingsaid something very different. wig it boutique

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It was Matrona Pavlovna who had come to the door. She came inwith a. blanket over her arm, looked reproachfully at Nekhludoff,and began scolding Katusha for having taken the wrong blanket.

Nekhludoff went out in silence, but he did not even feel ashamed.He could see by Matrona Pavlovna's face that she was blaming him,he knew that she was blaming him with reason and felt that he wasdoing wrong, but this novel, low animal excitement, having freeditself of all the old feelings of real love for Katusha, ruledsupreme, leaving room for nothing else. He went about as ifdemented all the evening, now into his aunts', then back into hisown room, then out into the porch, thinking all the time how hecould meet her alone; but she avoided him, and Matrona Pavlovnawatched her closely. wig hairspray



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