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"Seventeen millions; yes, monsieur. We shall muster, MademoiselleGrandet and I, an income of seven hundred and fifty thousand francswhen we marry." different wig types

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"My dear cousin," said Charles, recovering a little of his assurance,"we can push each other's fortunes."

"Agreed," said the president. "Here is also a little case which I amcharged to give into your own hands," he added, placing on the tablethe leather box which contained the dressing-case. wig types facebook

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"Well, my dear friend," said Madame d'Aubrion, entering the roomwithout noticing the president, "don't pay any attention to what poorMonsieur d'Aubrion has just said to you; the Duchesse de Chaulieu hasturned his head. I repeat, nothing shall interfere with themarriage,"

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"Very good, madame. The three millions which my father owed were paidyesterday."

"In money?" she asked.

"Yes, in full, capital and interest; and I am about to do honor to hismemory,"

"What folly!" exclaimed his mother-in-law. "Who is this?" shewhispered in Grandet's ear, perceiving the president.

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