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Yes, the Lord be thanked. And here is your favorite pink soap andtowels from your aunts," she said, putting the soap on the tableand hanging the towels over the back of a chair.

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"There is everything here," said Tikhon, defending the visitor'sindependence, and pointing to Nekhludoff's open dressing casefilled with brushes, perfume, fixatoire, a great many bottleswith silver lids and all sorts of toilet appliances.

"Thank my aunts, please. Oh, how glad I am to be here," saidNekhludoff, his heart filling with light and tenderness as ofold.

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She only smiled in answer to these words, and went out. Theaunts, who had always loved Nekhludoff, welcomed him this timemore warmly than ever. Dmitri was going to the war, where hemight be wounded or killed, and this touched the old aunts.Nekhludoff had arranged to stay only a day and night with hisaunts, but when he had seen Katusha he agreed to stay over Easterwith them and telegraphed to his friend Schonbock, whom he was tohave joined in Odessa, that he should come and meet him at hisaunts' instead.

As soon as he had seen Katusha Nekhludoff's old feelings towardher awoke again. Now, just as then, he could not see her whiteapron without getting excited; he could not listen to her steps,her voice, her laugh, without a feeling of joy; he could not lookat her eyes, black as sloes, without a feeling of tenderness,especially when she smiled; and, above all, he could not noticewithout agitation how she blushed when they met. He felt he wasin love, but not as before, when this love was a kind of mysteryto him and he would not own, even to himself, that he loved, andwhen he was persuaded that one could love only once; now he knewhe was in love and was glad of it, and knew dimly what this loveconsisted of and what it might lead to, though he sought toconceal it even from himself. In Nekhludoff, as in every man,there were two beings: one the spiritual, seeking only that kindof happiness for him self which should tend towards the happinessof all; the other, the animal man, seeking only his ownhappiness, and ready to sacrifice to it the happiness of the restof the world. At this period of his mania of self-love brought onby life in Petersburg and in the army, this animal man ruledsupreme and completely crushed the spiritual man in him. wig elastic band

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But when he saw Katusha and experienced the same feelings as hehad had three years before, the spiritual man in him raised itshead once more and began to assert its rights. And up to Easter,during two whole days, an unconscious, ceaseless inner strugglewent on in him.

He knew in the depths of his soul that he ought to go away, thatthere was no real reason for staying on with his aunts, knew thatno good could come of it; and yet it was so pleasant, sodelightful, that he did not honestly acknowledge the facts tohimself and stayed on. On Easter eve, the priest and the deaconwho came to the house to say mass had had (so they said) thegreatest difficulty in getting over the three miles that laybetween the church and the old ladies' house, coming across thepuddles and the bare earth in a sledge. wig emoji

Nekhludoff attended the mass with his aunts and the servants, andkept looking at Katusha, who was near the door and brought in thecensers for the priests. Then having given the priests and hisaunts the Easter kiss, though it was not midnight and thereforenot Easter yet, he was already going to bed when he heard the oldservant Matrona Pavlovna preparing to go to the church to get thekoulitch and paski [Easter cakes] blest after the midnightservice. "I shall go too," he thought.

The road to the church was impassable either in a sledge or onwheels, so Nekhludoff, who behaved in his aunts' house just as hedid at home, ordered the old horse, "the brother's horse," to besaddled, and instead of going to bed he put on his gay uniform, apair of tight-fitting riding breeches and his overcoat, and goton the old over-fed and heavy horse, which neighed continuallyall the way as he rode in the dark through the puddles and snowto the church.

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