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"Why must you?" said the Procureur, lifting his brows with someagitation. a wigig device is not installed

"Because I betrayed her and brought her to the condition whichexposed her to this accusation."

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"All the same, I cannot see what it has to do with visiting her."

"This: that whether I succeed or not in getting the sentencechanged I want to follow her, and,marry her," said Nekhludoff,touched to tears by his own conduct, and at the same time pleasedto see the effect he produced on the Procureur.

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"Really! Dear me!" said the Procureur. "This is certainly a veryexceptional case. I believe you are a member of the Krasnoporskrural administration?" he asked, as if he remembered having heardbefore of this Nekhludoff, who was now making so strange adeclaration.

"I beg your pardon, but I do not think that has anything to dowith my request," answered Nekhludoff, flushing angrily.

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